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Why invest in Montenegro Property?


Montenegro is beautiful and loaded in culture, history and natural marvels and property is still comparatively affordable.

Last research show that property prices in Montenegro  are increasing at 20% per annum.

The land laws of Montenegro give overseas investors equivalent status with Montenegrin investors, with full deeds and title to land and real estate.

Montenegro has the lowest corporation tax rate in Europe at 9% flat and our personal income tax is 15% flat as well which has been a major attraction for international investors.

Montenegro has twenty double taxation treaties in position with other countries, preventing double taxation on the return from investment.

Even if you want to buy property in Montenegro without planning to resell at higher price or rent it, it is unavoidable that the Montenegro real estate market is following the "boom" trend that happened in nearby countries.

Montenegro is the first Ecological country (1991 UN).

Tourism has big growth (The World Travel and Tourism Council cite Montenegro as the fastest growing tourist destination in the world by 2014, generating over 21% of the country's total GDP)

Number of tourist rise over 17% per annum (The World Travel and Tourism Council 2005)

Montenegro is in process of negotiations to be a member of Europian Union (EU)

Stable economy with years of sustainable capital growth ahead