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Our company has been working with Adria Stone real estate agency since year of 2013. As an agency they are professional, correct and they understand our needs. We are satisfied with their cooperation, especially with their manager Mirko Vujovic who is punctual and responsible in doing his work. 

We hope we will continue doing our work in the same spirit!

                                                                Jovana Djukanovic

                                                                CEO Eurotours Budvajovana djukanovic


Irish Adriatic- Ana Vujosevic

 Adria Stone is proffesional and correct real estate agency. Their team consists of perspective, young people that speak foreigner languages very well, especially Russian language. To responsible approach to the work which they have we give them grade 10. Our company has beautiful and correct cooperation with Adria Stone agency.


Yulia and Mihail

We asked agency Adria Stone to help us find our property in city of Petrovac, at Adriatic sea. We were talking during May and during in June we found our property.  Renovation of the apartment was included in the agreement and agency did the renovation by the end of July when we moved in. Short time in which agency helped us and fact that we did not have legal problem tells only good stories about this agency and its representative Mirko Vujovic. We are also thankful to him because he help us in every area we were interested in. We are continuing our cooperation with them. Thank you. 


Vladimir Maslenikov

It was last day of our vacation when my family met Mirko who represents agency Adria Stone. He suggested looking just one apartment and two hours before our flight we ended buying our new property in Montenegro. Fast, effective, polite, with all services and all the help from the agency. Nice work! Vladimir.