Buying or Selling a Real Estate? Here’s why it’s important to hire a real estate agenсy

If you doubt whether you need the services of a real estate agency when buying or renting real estate, all the arguments are on the side of the agencies, and we highlight some of them:

Agent know the Real Estate Market

A qualified agent is thoroughly familiar with the real estate market, so he can give you helpful tips that will speed up the sale of your property, protect your interests, and save you time and money. Very often, sellers are sentimentally attached to real estate, which makes their estimate of market value and expectations unrealistic and out of the line with market flows, that can delay the sale process and prevent it from being realized. Real estate agents can determine the real value of a property because they know the market well, and can know how much money a homeowner can expect for a property they want to sell or rent. A qualified agent can make an informal estimate of the market value of the property using a comparative, cost or yield method. The agent is there to give you helpful advice, the right solution and to negotiate on your behalf the most optimal conditions.

Save your time

Sometimes it takes a lot of effort and free time to sell and rent a property. There are many who want to sell or rent a property as soon as possible, but are unable to devote themselves to the business. If you do not have enough free time to prepare the necessary documentation, or are unable to show the property or respond to potential buyers by e-mail or calls, we advise you to hire a real estate agency. Until the conclusion of the sale or lease of the real estate, many inquiries of potential buyers or lessees often need to be answered, and much time is wasted on showing the real estate, preparing documentation, paying tax and utility obligations, preparing planning documentation, preparing contracts, etc.

Agents can answer to the questions of potential domestic or foreign buyers about the property they are interested in, and will show them the property at a time that suits them, and often during business hours – just when many owners do not answer. The agency is also there to solve any possible administrative obstacles, to prepare the necessary documentation and to organize the implementation of the process with notaries and administration offices.

Speed: The process should be completed as soon as possible

Real estate agencies can quickly and efficiently complete the sale process or lease your property for a long term. A large client base, regional and international partners, effective marketing communications tools including targeted marketing, a visited website, and a thorough knowledge of the real estate market make it possible to find a client in a relatively short time.

A qualified agent is not emotionally attached to the property, has good negotiating skills and has sufficient experience to balance, organize and execute the entire process.

It is important to set a realistic market price and answer any questions you may have about the property. When showing potential customers, agents do the job a lot more professionally, without including the emotion of imposing unnecessary information and conditions. A large number of dealers would not have been realized if they did not involve qualified intermediaries. When dealing with real estate, very often you are dealing with people of different temperaments, different cultures, you encounter unforeseen circumstances, administrative barriers to solve where you need knowledge, experience, quick reaction and optimal solution.

Legal security

Whether you are a potential buyer or seller or lessee, your legal certainty is very important. Especially if you are a BUYER, agency services can be crucial for you. The real estate agency must be well aware of the administrative, legal, financial, construction, tax and banking aspects of real estate brokering, so the advice, recommendations and legal protection that a qualified agent can provide you can be of great importance to you. Every serious real estate agency has its own lawyer / legal consultant and if a delicate moment arises during the buying process, it will allow you to have a free consultation in the presence of a lawyer and suggest an optimal solution.

If you are buying real estate during the construction phase, it is very important that you are adequately protected by the contract and that the agency, in cooperation with the notary and your legal team, verifies the investor’s documentation. If you are buying land, it is very important that you obtain the legal and planning documentation through the agency and check whether the land is covered by the DUP(detailed urbanistic plan), what is foreseen in the UT (urban and technical conditions) terms, and whether there are significant restrictions that could prevent in some way the realization of your investment project. If you are buying an apartment over a loan, an agent will provide you with all the help you need to choose your bank and home loan model, and allow you to go through the documentation and approval process more easily and efficiently.

So, our agency will provide you:

– Checking the documentation

-Legal consulting

– Legal assistance and protection when signing the contract

– Preparation of documentation for tax administration

– Submission of cadastral request for transfer of ownership right to the new owner

– Change of user name for bills for electricity, water and also for city cleanliness

A professional presentation of your real estate

A quality presentation of your real estate will certainly speed up the realization. Real estate agents will make good photos, videos, and after reviewing the documentation, make a quality presentation and promote your property to the right addresses. For luxury real estate, our recommendation would be 360 photography, as the virtual tour allows the potential client to get a better feel for the space and get to know the real estate in more detail. If you are selling attractive land, villas or houses, we recommend drone photography.


A thoughtful internet marketing strategy that aligns with your goals is crucial for effective sales. As we witness a large presence of people of all ages on the Internet, our strategy is based on strong online participation in the real estate market, which will result in increased interest in your offer and attract potential buyers. Our agency has a large client base to present your real estate, and will also advertise it through our regional and international partners, as well as on domestic, regional and international portals using effective marketing communication tools including targeted marketing, our social networks and promotion on our website.

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