Essential Guide to Obtaining a Residence Permit in Montenegro

Obtaining Temporary Residence Permit through Real Estate Purchase

Eligibility Criteria:

  1. Applicants:Foreign citizens, their spouses, and children under 18.
  2. Property Types:Residential or commercial properties (e.g., houses, apartments, commercial units, hotels, restaurants, holiday homes).
  3. Applicant Requirements:
    • Valid ID document or passport.
    • Details about the permit holder (name, place of birth, parents’ names).
    • Occupation and level of education.
    • Information about other family members.
    • Proof of property ownership (buying/selling contract).
    • Bank deposit of 3,650 EUR in a Montenegrin bank.
    • Valid medical insurance (covering 30 days).
    • Certificate of no criminal record in the home country.
    • Proof of registration with local police in Montenegro.
    • Payment of taxes for obtaining the residence permit.


  • Limited rights: No health insurance included; the family cannot be out of Montenegro for more than 30 days per year.
  • Temporary permit validity: One year.
  • Only one family can obtain a residence permit for one property.
  • The applying family member must own more than 50% of the property.

Obtaining Temporary Residence Permit through Work Permit:


Step 1: Company Registration

  • Documents needed: Scan of passport, personal address, company name, main activity, company’s address.
  • Company registration service is free; administrative costs incurred.

Step 2: Applying for Residence Permit

  • Documents needed: Criminal record, school degree (original or notarized copy with apostille).
  • Total costs: Approximately 250€-500€.

Step 3: Registration of Employment

  • Sign employment agreement as CEO, pay minimal social security contributions (30€ per month).

Step 4: Renewal of Residence Permit

  • Can be applied for up to 1 month before expiration; process does not require repeating all procedures.
  • Costs for renewal: Approximately 150€.

Step 5: Applying for Permanent Residence Permit

  • After four renewals, a person can apply for permanent residence.
  • Language exam required.

Accountant Fees:

  • Minimum fee for accounting services: 100€ per month + 150€ per year for annual statements.
  • Document preparation from Step 1 to Step 5 included; additional charges for administrative fees, notarization, etc.

This summary provides an overview of the processes involved in obtaining temporary residence permits in Montenegro through real estate purchase and work permits. Adria Stone can provide all necessary contacts and logistics to start this procedure.

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